Methods For Wet Carpet Restoration

Many people buy dry wet carpets as a way to add style and color to their home. The quality of the carpet will not be affected by a low investment. Well-maintained and attractive rugs will not only improve the look of your room but provide you with comfort when returning from a stressful day.

Your rugs can become filthy quickly when you allow pets or kids into your home. For a clean home, it is vital to regularly wash your carpets. This is a very unhealthy scenario. Water from flooded pipes, torrential showers or an overfilled washing machine can make your rug wet. The water damage condition may cause many problems. The professional carpet cleaning service providers offer many cleaning services. These include invisible mending and rug cleaning.

Here, I’ve discussed different methods for wet-carpet restoration.

Use the wet method of cleaning

If you use this method, it is essential that the carpet is dried completely. Mold, mildews and bacteria can grow if you do not remove moisture. You can use the ceiling fan to blow air into the room and the air conditioning unit inside the house to help remove any excess water. Rugs tend to have an inherent ability to soak up water. You can vacuum the area wet, until completely dried. It is still possible to apply vinegar after you have dried the surface to inhibit further mould and bacteria growth.

It is common to use steam cleaning on wet rugs. This method may be applied to remove juice or tea stains, or even coffee stains. To remove molds and mildew, this is a very efficient method. When cleaning products are mixed with water heated to a certain temperature, steam is produced that can dissolve stains. When you have pets and children in the house, it’s recommended that a carpet cleaner be purchased. Professional cleaners can perform a deeper cleaning.

Dry Clean Method

This method utilizes a mixture of moist powders and some dry powders to perform the job. Next, the cleaning machine has rotating brushes that are used to scrub carpets. Within minutes, the powder is able to pick up the dust. However, before using the chemical solution it is essential to check the rug’s material. Chemicals are often used to clean carpets and avoid damage. Carpets are cleaned using the dry-foam method. To clean the carpet, foaming agents spread out over it and are then extracted using a vacuum.

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