How To Avoid Hiring The Wrong Architect

Do your research before hiring an architect.

Understanding your needs

Before you start, define the project It is important to have at least a rough idea about what you’d like to include in your future home and what would you like to eliminate if you’re remodeling. This will help you to screen architects more effectively and select the right one for your project. This will help you when you’re trying to create a project plan with the architect that you hire.

Check out the architect’s online profile or website

Most architects have an online profile today – either through a personal website or via a digital portfolio hosted on another website. Nowadays, social commerce sites are more popular than ever. On most online profiles, architects are able to showcase their work as well as provide details on their experience and contact information. It would be very easy to check their profiles to see the work they’ve done and if that matches your requirements.

Look at previous work samples done by the architect

You should ask for the architect’s previous work. Sometimes, architects are involved in many different projects. Other times, they may have a specialization. It might not make sense to hire an architect specializing in commercial architecture, or hospital building if your project is residential.

Match your needs with the profile of an architect

Your requirements and a shortlist are now defined. It’s easier to find the right architect! You can easily find out which architect would be the best fit for your project. Look at their work samples to get an idea of who you want!

Visit the architect’s office

It is best to visit the architect for final negotiations. Communication is key in any business transaction. Define milestones and discuss the terms of your agreement. Look at his working style and the way he treats contractors. You will get a good idea of how long it will take. It is not easy to hire an Architect – just like buying a product, or even a car. It’s not something you can ‘test drive.’ You will need to rely on information that is available. Be sure to gather all relevant information before making a hiring decision. This will help you avoid hiring the wrong person for your project.